Sumber Daya Alam (Natural Resources)

The Types of Natural Resources

Natural resources are things that can be found in our environment as a result of natural formations that can be utilized to meet the needs of human life. Resources include natural resources by beneficiaries and forms used.
Based on the beneficiaries of natural resources are divided as follows:
  a. Renewable natural resources.
Natural resources are a renewable natural resource that can be used again after use. Nevertheless, it should be managed so that there is potential is maintained. The types of natural resources which can be updated as follows:
  1). Water.

       2). The air.

       3). Soil fertility.

        4). Flora.
Various types of flora found in the earth used to meet human needs. Type of flora cultivation as follows:
• Forest.

            • Agriculture.

• Plantation.

    b. Natural resources can not be updated
Natural resources are not renewable natural resources will be depleted if used continuously. Various alternative effort required to maintain the supply of natural resources which can not be updated. Based on the form that can not be utilized, natural resources as follows:
a. Natural resource materials.

b. Biological resources.

c. Natural resources of energy raw materials.

d. Natural resource space.

e. Resources of time.



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